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Creating Your Dream Home

Experience top-tier flooring transformation with Restor-It Flooring Installation Services in Marietta, GA. Unlock the potential of your home with our durable, stylish flooring solutions. Your dream home is just a call away!

Customized Flooring Services in Marietta, GA

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Turn your vision into a stunning reality with Restor-It’s exceptional flooring solutions in Marietta, GA. Experience our tailor-made offerings, superior quality in materials and installation, and achieve absolute satisfaction with refreshed, beautiful spaces that truly reflect your style and charm.

Tailored Flooring Solutions

We make your flooring dreams a reality.

Superior Quality

Experience the blend of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Absolute Satisfaction

Delight in your refreshed, attractive spaces.

Solve Your Flooring Problems

Flooring Frustrations? You're Not Alone

Restor-It is here to guide you in choosing the perfect flooring. We’ve helped countless homeowners find ideal solutions that match their style, needs, and budget. Our goal is to transform homes into stunning, comfortable spaces. When selecting the right flooring, challenges may include:
  • Fear of making the wrong choice.
  • Overwhelm from the vast range of options.
  • Concern about durability and maintenance.
  • Stress over the disruption during installation.

Expert Marietta Home Flooring Services

Your Trusted Guide to Flooring Transformation

At Restor-It, we’re not just flooring experts—we’re your trusted guide. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we empathize with your flooring challenges and have the authority to solve them. We’ll guide you:

  • Through the selection process, helping you find your perfect flooring match.
  • In understanding your specific maintenance needs.
  • To enjoy a hassle-free, efficient installation process.
  • Guaranteeing a flooring solution that adds value to your home.

Flooring Installation Services in Marietta, GA

Find Your Perfect Flooring Match

Find your perfect flooring match whether it’s the warm, cozy feel of carpet, the timeless elegance of hardwood, or the stylish durability of luxury vinyl. Our expert team is committed to helping you select and install the ideal flooring that suits your taste and lifestyle. Explore all our services to begin your flooring transformation journey.
Person kneeling on a gray carpet, using a power drill to secure a strip at the edge where the carpet meets a wooden floor, showcasing skilled flooring installation services.

Carpet Installation

For a warm, cozy feel.
Open-concept dining and kitchen area with wooden flooring, a dark wooden dining table, black chairs, modern light fixtures, a large wall art piece, and large windows allowing natural light in—a perfect Marietta home feature.

Hardwood Installation

Add elegance to your space.

A person is installing a wooden floor panel by fitting it into place over a gray underlayment, showcasing their professional flooring installation skills.

Luxury Vinyl Installation

 Blend durability with style.

Our Process for Flooring Installation

It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Discover your ideal flooring match, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, or luxury vinyl. Our expert team is committed to helping you choose and install the perfect flooring to suit your taste and lifestyle. Explore our services to begin your flooring transformation journey.

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Get in touch for a free consultation.

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Customized Plan

We'll create a flooring plan tailored to your needs.

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Expert Installation

Sit back as we transform your space.

Marietta Renovation & Restoration Experts

Where Quality Meets Efficiency!

Marietta’s premier Renovation and Restoration Experts bring top-tier quality, efficiency, and sustainability to your space. Leveraging years of experience, innovative techniques, and a committed team, they cater to both residential and commercial needs. They offer timely services with minimized disruptions, all while upholding environmentally-friendly practices.

  • Team of seasoned professionals
  • Innovative, high-quality techniques
  • Tailored solutions for residential and commercial spaces
  • Swift, efficient service
  • Commitment to green practices.

Transform Your Home with Restor-It's Expert Services

Why Wait?
Start Your Transformation Now!

At Restor-It, we understand that choosing the right flooring is more than a practical decision—it’s about creating a comfortable, inviting home. Trust us to guide you through this journey, providing expert advice, superior materials, and a seamless installation process.

Flooring Installation Services Testimonials

Hear it From Our Satisfied Customers

“Restor-It transformed my home. Their expert advice and quality installation were impressive!”


“Selection was overwhelming until I found Restor-It. They guided me to my perfect floors!”


“The installation was swift and seamless. I love my new floors, thanks to Restor-It!”


“Beyond just floors, Restor-It gave me a space I love. Highly recommend!”


“Excellent quality, superb service! So pleased with my flooring decision.”

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For over 30 years, Restor-It has provided top-quality flooring and remodeling services in Marietta, GA

Our commitment to delivering superior craftsmanship, top-tier materials, and excellent customer service has made us a trusted partner for countless homeowners. Experience the Restor-It difference today—because when it comes to your home, you deserve the best.