Just north of Atlanta on Highway 19 is the beautiful city of Alpharetta Ga. Citizens are rightly proud of this beautiful town, which is loaded with family friendly amenities including the Wills Park Recreation Center and Cogburn Road Park.

Beautiful City, Beautiful Homes

The owners of Restor-It, Inc. are happy to help the homeowners of Alpharetta Ga repair and maintain their homes. If you’ve suffered serious damage such as a fire or flood, our tile and grout cleaning company can help bring your home back to pristine condition.

In fact, after fire damage, our skilled professionals can help with

  • assessing the structural fitness of your home
  • water-damaged product tear out
  • tile cleanup
  • grout cleanup or replacement

No Project Is Too Small

Even small disasters can leave big messes. A catastrophic spill or water line leak can leave your home looking shabby. Our hardwood floor cleaning experts are available to view the damage and provide assistance in any clean-up project.

Dedicated To The Job

The owner of this versatile company has a history of military service. This habit of dedication to task didn’t stop when deployment ended. This company is led by dedicated, loyal people with integrity and a determination to finish the job right.

Your Alpharetta Ga Home Deserves The Best!

If you’ve struggled with another contractor but weren’t able to get your phone calls returned, call us. If you’ve got a mess that requires assistance but you don’t know how much assistance, contact us for help. No project is too small and no question is too silly.

Check With An Expert

There are plenty of suggestions in the digital world for cleaning your own floor after an unfortunate event. However, while tile is generally pretty durable, grout, if roughly handled, can lose or radically change color. Contact a qualified tile and grout cleaning company before attempting any chemical cleaning on your own. Once grout has been negatively impacted, it may need to be replaced.

Mind The Finish

In the same way, improper hardwood floor cleaning can be extremely destructive to modern finishes. Whether the damage was caused by excess water, a food spill or an unknown product, getting a professional assessment of the extent of the damage and the least invasive cleaning can save you great expense and mess.

We’re Here For You Because We’re Local

Our showroom is at 825 Franklin Court, Suite A in Marietta, not far from Alpharetta Ga. We know the quality and character of homes in the area and we understand your desire to bring your home back to the original condition. Whether you need help with a small disaster that requires a good hardwood floor cleaning or have suffered a major spill that calls for the help of a skilled tile and grout cleaning company, we can help.

Final Thoughts

Our skilled professionals are ready to help on your project. For skilled and careful hardwood floor cleaning that will bring your floor back to a shine, give us a call. To brighten a damaged or darkened tile floor, contact this professional tile and grout cleaning company.


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