Citizens of Decatur, Georgia have a wealth of cultural opportunities, including live music at Eddie’s Attic and access to enjoy the wilderness at the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve. They’re rightly proud of their city and the history of the metro Atlanta area.

It’s OK To Be A Little House Proud!

Your Decatur home is more than an investment; it’s your refuge from the outside world. Shouldn’t it get the best care while sheltering you from the elements? If your personal castle needs an update, a renovation or just a good scrub, you deserve some help from a great carpet cleaning company.

Restor-It, Inc. is based in Marietta, Georgia and is happy to help you beautify your home. In addition to new flooring installation, we offer

  • grout cleaning
  • countertop resurfacing
  • bathtub resurfacing
  • air duct cleaning
  • and many more services

Small Job or Big, We’re Here to Help

A large renovation project can be scary, both in terms of cost and disruption. However, with Restor-It professionals on your side, you can start small. Need a tile entryway to keep things tidy? Our flooring installation team can help out from initial measurement to grouting your new entry.

Our showroom in Marietta has plenty of flooring options to review before you make your final selection. Check out our flooring showroom for an initial review and stop by and talk with us, we’re happy to find out more about your vision for your home.

Looking To Freshen Your Home?

Working with a quality carpet cleaning company is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to freshen your space. We can clean your Decatur carpet, give you guidance on the remaining life of your rugs, and help you prepare for any future flooring installation projects.

For many families, replacing the carpet is a matter of timing. It doesn’t make much sense to install your dream carpet or hardwood flooring installation if spilled juice is still a risk.

Final Thoughts

Your Decatur home deserves great care and dedication. The leaders of Restor-It, Inc. have a history of service in the Marines. This carpet cleaning company is happy to have you as a client and is ready to serve.pill things, the most important consideration for carpet under small children is that it be cleaned by a skilled carpet cleaning company, and we’re happy to help.


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